An app that syncs with all your investment accounts, analyzes your portfolio and helps you become a better investor.


Objectives of the fundraiser

Use of Funds

The money we get through this equity crowdfunding campaign will help us add new functionalities to the app like integrating bank accounts and financial planning, to launch an Android version, as well as to put our product into more users’ hands.

Description of fundraising

Together, let’s make investing a force for good.

We built a mobile application that synchronizes with our users’ investment accounts, analyzes their portfolios and help them become better investors.


Featured by Apple in the “New Apps We Love” category, its users are now employing it to manage no less than $77 million in assets.


Today, we are asking you to invest in Bacon Financial Technologies Inc., the company that oversees and the Hardbacon mobile app. This money will help us add new functionalities to the app like integrating bank accounts and financial planning, to launch an Android version, as well as to put our product into more users’ hands.


Why Download the Hardbacon App?


Hardbacon’s mobile app is intended primarily for self-directed investors who manage their money through at least one online broker. We help these investors access their investment portfolio by automatically synchronizing to their investment accounts.


Our application provides all the financial data our users need to make sound decisions. It also includes themed lists of stocks, funds, and even model portfolios that our users can copy. When a user doesn’t understand a term that appears in our application, they can just press on the word for two seconds to prompt a simple, easy-to-understand definition to appear.


The core of our technology, however, is portfolio analysis. The application provides a portfolio analysis in the “Diagnostic” section, where green, yellow or red colours are associated with nine analysis criteria. For each of these criteria, we provide you with an explanation of your portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses written in simple terms, so that you can better understand your investments. Through our analysis, we let you know how diversified your portfolio is, we tell you how your portfolio behaves in relation to the stock market in its entirety, we calculate your fees and even tell you if the valuations of the companies in your portfolio are too high, or not.


This is only the beginning, because with our next functionalities, we believe that Hardbacon will become a useful application for anyone who wants to take control of their finances and gain wealth. In other words, even though we serve mainly self-directed investors at the moment, we are working hard to make Hardbacon a useful application for everyone.


Why Invest in the Hardbacon Campaign?


1. To invest in a fintech with great potential!


Fintechs, or financial technologies, are generating a lot of interest with investors, who are injecting an more and more capital into start-ups that use technology to innovate in the finance sector. In Canada, $3.3 billion was injected into fintech start-ups in 2017, and this amount is expected to double in 2018. This interest come from the fact that these companies are currently revolutionizing the financial services industry, which represents 7% of Canada’s GDP. No less than 810,000 Canadians work in finance; automation and artificial intelligence will help serve more customers with fewer human resources, while providing them with a superior customer experience.


2. To Restore the Principle of Equal Opportunity


Because you believe that everyone should be able to invest in the stock market without starting with a handicap. Unfortunately, self-directed investors don’t have access to the same data as investment professionals and cannot rely on portfolio management software. At Hardbacon, we want to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to get wealthy from the stock market, regardless of the size of their bank accounts.


3. Because You Are a Hardbacon User


If you are someone who uses Hardbacon to monitor and manage your investments, there is no turning back. On the other hand, many of you undertand that the current version of the app exploits only a very small part of the possibilities available to us to help our users better manage their money through innovative technology. By investing in this campaign, you can now be our customer – the most important boss there is – and a co-owner of the company. By investing, you will help us to improve the application even more quickly and you will get access to privileged information about the company’s growth.


How Will the Product Evolve Over the Next 12 Months?


We improve our mobile application everyday, and our users know that it is constantly improving. That said, the following five areas are those that will truly enable the app to create more value for its users and to expand our customer base.


1. Automated Financial Planning


Generating automated financial plans for our users will literally change the game. Self-directed investors, our current target customers, see it as a great added value, but it’s also a functionality that will enable us to create value for everyone, whether they manage their own money or work with an advisor.


By asking our users as few as two questions, we can generate a financial plan for them according to their goals. The financial plan is refined as the user goes through our questions, which are fewer than those asked by a human financial planner since the analysis of your bank accounts and investments provides us with a large amount information about you. Once the plan is created, Hardbacon acts as your financial coach and reminds you of any deviation from your plan by illustrating the impact of your current decisions on your future plans.


2. Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence


Our chatbot will be deployed in two stages. At first, a real financial planner will answer users' questions. Once we have accumulated enough questions and answers in our database, we will use machine learning to answer a large number of questions without human involvement. In addition, we will use automatic text generation, so that the chatbot will generate responses tailored to each user's financial literacy level.


3. Online Course Optimized for Mobile Devices


We already have an online course on the web, but many users are unable to take it through the mobile app. We adapt our online course so it fits inside our mobile app, and we will assign each user a financial literacy score based on an initial questionnaire, which will improve as the user progresses through the course and uses the other features of the application.


4. Android Version


This is the most frequent request we get at Hardbacon. We’ve heard you, and we will launch an Android version of our app next September.


5. Cryptocurrencies


Many of our users have expressed the desire to be able to monitor the value of their cryptocurrencies through Hardbacon, and we have listened to them. We therefore plan to enable our users to add cryptocurrency investments to their Hardbacon account.


Our Sources of Revenues


Consumer Subscriptions

Our users pay subscription fees: $1.99 per month for the basic plan and $9.99 per month for the premium plan, which will be introduced in the coming months.


Licences and Referrals

The financial institutions use our technologies and educational content under license. They also pay us for each customer we refer to them.


Corporate Accounts

Companies’ HR departments subscribe their employees to Hardbacon in order to reduce their financial stress and promote their financial well-being.


Three-Step Plan of Attack


Step 1

Laser-focus on self-directed investors with less than $250,000 in financial assets.


Step 2

Expand our target audience to other kinds of investors, including those who invest with a financial advisor or a robo-advisor.


Step 3

Improve our tools in terms of financial planning and education in order to acquire users BEFORE they begin to invest.


Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to make stock market investing more accessible, more profitable and morally rewarding for everyone.

Our mission is to create technologies that help small investors better understand their finances, better manage their money, and to do so according to their values.

Our values are transparency, freedom of speech, autonomy and irreverence.


Our Long-Term Ambitions


We aim to become the go-to tool for making financial decisions.


We want enable our users to track all of their asset conveniently, including stocks, real estate, bank account, cryptocurrencies, etc.


We want to remain radically affordable and accessible so that everyone can master their financial lives with our technology.


We want to be able to answer any financial-related question a user can have, ranging from “When will I be able to afford a Ferrari”, to “How well are my investment doing compared to other investors”, and in “In which account should I make my next investment”.


Ultimately, we want to become the common man’s family office, by advising you on all aspects of your financial life - not only investing : helping you save on your insurance policies or cell phone plan, helping you file your taxes, helping you build and execute on your financial plan, and much more.


What the Media is Saying About It


"A portfolio management tool"
Denis Lalonde, Les Affaires


"Hardbacon is targeting millennials that want to be more involved in picking individual stocks for their portfolios"
Brian Jackson, IT World Canada


"Give ordinary people the information they need
to manage their own investments."
Jacob Serebrin, The Gazette


"Aimed at simplifying the understanding of financial data"
Richard Cloutier, Finance et investissement


"This app is playing in big league."
Francis Halin, Journal of Montreal


"Helps users monitor their investments and obtain real-time analysis of their stock market portfolios"
Jessica Galang, Betakit


"Helps people invest better by educating them about the world of investing"
Richard Dufour, La Presse


Exit Strategy


We are not closing the door on any exit scenario, but we won’t hide our favourite one: an Initial Public Offering or IPO. In other words, once the company has reached a certain size, its stock could be listed on a stock exchange and those holding shares could sell them on the stock market or keep them. This scenario would enable us to pursue our growth and to maintain our head office in Montreal while remaining true to our vision.


Another scenario would be to sell the company to a financial institution, to a financial data provider or even to a technology company. Historically, the success rate of innovative start-ups being integrated into large organizations is very low, which leads us to believe that remaining independent will enable us to create a superior long-term return for our shareholders. Nevertheless, we will not close the door to a sale, even if it is not our preferred exit strategy.  


Terms of the Investment


Investment to date: $25,000 (Queen City Fintech)

Minimum campaign goal: $150,000

Maximum goal on Gotroo: $250,000

Valuation of the company (pre-money) : $1,500,000

Minimum equity: 9% ($150,000)

Maximum equity: 14.27% ($500,000)

Securities offered: class D shares (with a voting agreement)

Price per share: $0.90


Our investor's pitch deck


Hardbacon Pitch Deck from Julien Brault



How to Help Us Surpass Our Goal


Email or text message our campaign’s URL ( to people who might be interested in investing in our equity crowdfunding campaign.

Share our campaign video on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can even download it here and upload it again directly to your social media to increase the total reach of your share.

Download our mobile application and enjoy a free trial period if you haven’t already done so.

Do you have an interesting story to tell about money or investing? Share it on the social medial and include the hashtag #crowdbacon

Other information

Company stage
Is currently operating activities


Company description

Bacon Financial Technologies Inc., commonly known as Hardbacon, is on a mission to turn stock market investing into a simple and profitable process for everyone. Our mobile app does it by syncing with the online brokerages, analyzing its users’ portfolios and providing them with the data and tools they need to become better self-directed investors. But Hardbacon is much more than an app. On, we help Canadians pick robo-advisors and brokerages (among other financial services) through our easy-to-use comparators. We also educate Canadians about investment through various initiatives such as an online course, an online magazine, a newsletter and an encyclopedia.

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