Helping businesses with solution based approach to hiring freelance location based professionals


Objectives of the fundraiser

YAALK is a social platform for location-based commerce and services on-demand. The Technology creates a safe environment which enables locals to provide or request for product and services. The company just released first version of their Application and intent to raise funds for - Product advancement - Sales and marketing - Office rent - Miscellaneous

Use of Funds

Product advancement Sales and Marketing Office rent

Description of fundraising

The Technology incorporated in YaaLk platform is designed to provide service to;

a.       Locals: It enables people to connect, provide or request any task and view nearby deals in their location

b.       Local Businesses: Companies in need of flexible workers have access to local profiles with diverse skill set

c.       Local Merchants: Merchants can acquire new loyal customers by offering cashback deals to users on the platform

The company services the following industry.

-        Retail

-        Restaurants

-        Home & local services

-        Health, Beauty & fitness

-        Arts, entertainment & events

-        Travel and hospitality

-        Automobile

-        Legal and other industries

Over the next 2 years, the company intends to operate in North America (Canada, United States).

Other information

Territories covered
British Columbia

Right(s) available
Voting Rights

Company stage
Is currently operating activities
Made ​​a profit in the last year


Company description

1. Using a proprietary Technology, YaaLk.com Helps small-medium sized companies in sourcing and placing location based freelance work professionals in IT/Tech, Digital marketing, Sales/Business Development, Tech/Customer Support, Web/Graphic Design and other industries

2. The Software as a Service (SaaS) component of YaaLk.com helps business with tools for managing work contract of  their existing freelance work professionals all in one place.

View Details:  https://YaaLk.com/business

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