Health and social assistance

Veganwave Biotech is the company that oversees VeganWave Food ™ and STEP protocol ™


Objectives of the fundraiser

Use of Funds

The money amassed during this round of financing will allow us to: - Develop an IOS application connecting our device to your phone to share your metabolic state in real time - Add 10 new gourmet products to our therapeutic food line capable of reversing type 2 diabetes and obesity - Produce 50 prototypes and execute a clinical study to substantiate our promised health claims, in addition to investigating new functionalities and applications - Help 50 ill individuals gain their health back thanks to free access to our protocol during the clinical study in September 2020

Description of fundraising

The future of nutrition!

Together, let’s invest in a better world.


Reasons to Invest

- $150,000.00 in cumulative sales for our first two (2) months of activity (Veganwave Food)

- $50,000.00 injected in the project by the NRC-IRAP in 2019

- Launch of a patent pending technology

- Development of the RFR™ technology

- Formulation of a molecule-infused GT (gourmet therapeutic) food line designed for diabetes and obesity reversal

Currently, diseases are diagnosed and taken in charge at exceptional speed, and the easiest, fastest and pain-free solution is through healing.

Monitoring health in real time will soon become the norm for those wanting to increase their chances of preventing or managing disease, but also out of respect for others. By collecting a series of specific markers daily in a non-invasive way from home, it will now be possible to benefit from professional oversight, in absolute confidentiality. Many pathologies will be identifiable, better monitored, and properly taken in charge as a result.

The artificial intelligence behind our sensor will send daily personalized recommendations to your phone through the collection of specific markers found in your breath.

- Troublesome digestion?

- Weight management difficulties?

- Headaches, stomach aches, constipation or diarrhea?

- Chronic fatigue and energy crashes?

Analysis reports and the team of health professionals supervising the operation will help you figure out why! Finally, a quick solution to discover what your body is trying to tell you, all with practical and simple methods easily applicable in day-to-day life.


Solid Structure

VeganWave Biotech, the firm who oversees VeganWave Food™ and the STEP Protocol™

The management firm VeganWave Biotech owns the patents, recipes, trademarks, strategic alliances and other intellectual properties and values. Administered by an experienced council and a creative leadership team, VeganWave Biotech brings a breath of fresh air to the industry, by relying on the sound expertise of renowned partners, as well as qualified and passionate employees and collaborators.


Solid Team

The passion that animates and tightly weaves the VeganWave Biotech team sets us apart. Our synergy creates a perfect environment to foster innovation. The colourful discussions stemming from our dynamic exchanges produce a creative flow that ignites curiosity and a desire to make a difference in all of us. This motivation is deeply rooted in our DNA, to which is added an impressive array of diplomas and high-level trainings to equip us with a competitive strategic edge of exceptional value in a rapidly growing sector.


Value Creation and Synergy

This innovation translates into added value, with the support of the team at Robic. A patent pending technology, soon available through an end user application, will regroup thousands of Canadian doctors. We’re therefore preparing for international expansion by protecting our discoveries and wonderful ideas, without stopping growth.


A UNIQUE Opportunity!

As of May 13, 2020, new Canadian recommendations regarding diabetes changed to our benefit. Individualized nutritional medical therapies and a low and very low consumption of carbohydrates is proposed as opposed to universal advice.

Our review of the literature demonstrates that foods low and very low in carbohydrates could be superior to foods high in carbohydrates in the improvement of glycemia and body weight. This could help reduce the need for medication in the short term (up to 12 months). The data for long-term results is still limited.

Health care professionals will have to partner with individuals who are trying to establish which diet is optimal and sustainable, according to their personal preferences.

Health care professionals will have to recognize that multiple solutions are required to face the complex challenges linked to diabetes and obesity.


Recommended by Agencies Worldwide  

Since 2019, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends a nutritional approach very low in carbohydrates and this is well documented in treatment, management and prevention literature of type 2 diabetes. It’s now part of the official recommendations by the ADA since 2019 as a recognized treatment option. It should soon follow suit in Canada.

A recent consensus statement from the ADA recommends that people with diabetes be offered individualized medical nutrition therapy, rather than be given the “one-size-fits-all” advice to count carbohydrates and restrict calories. Included in options that should be offered to patients are low-carbohydrate diets.


Favourable Timing

The terrible repercussions of COVID-19 violently reminded us all of how important health is, especially in the realm of prevention. This collective realization will shape new behaviours and habits. As the author of Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari so eloquently shared in one of his podcasts, when it comes to health, humans are now ready to relinquish personal liberties to potentially save their lives and those of others. 


Because YOU are a User

The VeganWave mobile application is designed primarily for individuals plagued with type 2 diabetes and obesity, as well as those who suffer from unpleasant digestive issues and looking for an alternative to medication.

However, any athlete wanting to optimize digestion and energy levels can benefit from it. Any curious person wanting to know how to optimize health can also take advantage of this technology by defining how the body reacts to certain foods.

We track important indicators for these individuals, allowing them to manage and even reverse disease.

Our application also provides data regarding digestion and the effects of ingested food on overall health, in real time, and also informs users of potential long-term repercussions. This gives individuals the power to choose and especially, prevention options.

Finally, clear and immediate answers!

Answer #1—Am I gaining or losing weight?

Answer #2—Which foods make me sick or cause discomfort?

Answer #3—What should I eat to optimize my health with regard to XX illness?

Answer #4—I don’t have time to cook—we deliver what you need at home!

All that is required is to eat a certain food and blow in the device by following the automated indications appearing as notifications on your phone.

By blowing morning and evening, upon waking and going to bed, you will receive the necessary information to optimize your energy, your performance and your wellbeing.


The heart of our technology is, health analysis.

A health analysis is found in the application to detect any anomaly relating to digestion and having the potential to create present or future issues, all thanks to nine analysis criteria.

For each analysis criterion, we generate a text in simple terms explaining the strengths and weaknesses of your metabolism, so you can better understand and manage your symptoms. Particularly, we indicate the level of carbohydrate and fat combustion in your body. Are you losing or gaining weight?

We also indicate the digestion capacity of foods by your digestive system. You can finally obtain answers!

It’s a personalized and easy-to-use tool illustrating, in images and graphs, what’s happening in your body in real time.


Knowledge is power

This is only the beginning, as the next functionalities of our device will make VeganWave the reference for anyone wanting to take their health in charge. This is for the “control freaks” and those seeking answers regarding their lack of energy and ailments. For anyone who suffers from anxiety, nosophobia and hypochondria. For anyone curious to visualize, in real time, how their habits impact their health. You will now have the power to define your future a whole lot more.

And if this wasn’t enough, this is for those who lack time or talent in…the kitchen.

Based on the results and the analysis stemming from our system and health professionals, you will receive personalized menus directly at home, every week.


To Invest in a Biotech with Strong Potential

Biotechs generate a lot of interest with investors at the moment. Market predictions forecast numbers in the 500 billion dollars annually by 2026.

This interest is explained by the numerous businesses in our field who are revolutionizing the health industry. Automation and artificial intelligence will allow more patients to be treated with fewer resources, by efficiently triaging priorities all while offering superior client experiences. The workload for health professionals will also be alleviated.

In a world drowned by diverging health and nutrition information, a tool that resets the clock by offering individualized solutions based on people’s variable needs is necessary.

As a result of COVID-19, the fear of contracting the illness has created or amplified new behaviours. People are now ready to forfeit individual comforts in favour of community protection.


To Save our Global Resources

Compostable and recyclable packaging is a priority, to play our part and remain true to our values of environmental protection and sustainable development.


Because You’re a VeganWave Customer

If you want a long healthy life and to prevent illnesses as much as possible, you’re already a member of the family. Avoid unpleasant digestive issues during a meeting or an important event, lose those pesky extra 20 pounds more easily, and restore energy you thought was gone forever.

By investing in this campaign, you can be a client and a co-owner. You’ll help us improve our innovative solutions more rapidly for faster product launches and will be privy to privileged information regarding the company’s evolution.

The three following points will allow for the creation of added value for our users and for you, our partners.


Reactive Foods Ranking (RFR™) Technology, in Real Time

Generating nutritional recommendations in response to current metabolic states opens a world of possibilities. The answers, captured in real time, have the potential to improve the quality of diagnostics and to allow for early treatment in the presence of disease, thus minimizing human suffering.

Monitoring one’s metabolism daily is a game changer for our users. People with diabetes or who are losing weight, our target clientele, reap the benefits. But it’s also this functionality that creates added value for the overall population. All this while being key players in the prevention of illnesses and a reduction in public health spending.  

By blowing as few as twice a day in our device, upon waking and going to bed, our system will generate a nutritional plan for our users geared towards their objectives. This plan will be refined as clients follow the user guide, with hands on support from our Wizard and interactive questionnaire. It’s important to note that our questions are a lot less numerous than those asked during a consultation with a nutritionist, as the use of the device provides most of the pertinent data. Also, with repeated use over time, a precise metabolic profile and forecasts will be generated.

Once your profile is analyzed, VeganWave acts as a nutritional coach and encourages you to stay on track when you deviate from your plan, by illustrating the impact of your decisions on your immediate and future health.


Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence

Our chatbot will be deployed in two phases. Firstly, health professionals will support users in real time. Once our database is sufficiently populated with frequently asked questions, we’ll use artificial intelligence to reply to a growing list of inquiries, without having to overburden our human resources. Furthermore, we’ll have access to automated texts, so the chatbot can generate responses adapted to the nutritional literacy of each user.


Online Courses and Continued Education

Ongoing training will be offered through the online application. Step by step, in a simple and intuitive manner, users will be guided, interrogated, and encouraged to observe and reflect on their health. The application aims to develop awareness beyond the contents of someone’s plate or their calorie intake. Never will the phrases “listen to your body” and “listen to your hunger cues” have made this much sense!

Plus, each user will be attributed a nutritional literacy score in accordance with the progressive questionnaire, which will improve as a user progresses through the course and while using the other functionalities of the application.

The first two (2) online courses will be dedicated to the reversal of type 2 diabetes and weight management.


Consumer Subscriptions

Our users pay subscription fees:

- $10.99 per month for the basic plan

- $299.99 per month for the premium plan


Sale of Therapeutic Meals

Thanks to metabolic analyses, users will have the choice to cook recommended recipes themselves, or to choose among the prepared meals* suggested on their profile.

*The choices offered to individuals are filtered based on the custom metabolic analyses of users, to satisfy their needs optimally. Say goodbye to food fears!

Our meals have everything to satisfy fine gourmets, all while reversing inflammation and metabolic diseases. The clinical study in September aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach.


Licences and Client Referrals

Doctors, nutritionists, kinesiologists and other health professionals will be able to use our device to monitor their patients in a precise and non-invasive way.


Corporate Subscriptions

For businesses detaining the Healthy Enterprises certification and other companies aware of the costs associated with illness and wanting to offer a healthy environment to increase productivity. 

Human resources departments will be able to subscribe their staff to our protocol to lessen the financial burden and favour physical and psychological wellbeing in the workplace.


We aren’t closing the door to any exit strategy, but here is our preferred scenario: a call to public savings. In other words, when the company attains a sufficient size, its action could be listed on the Exchange and those who own shares could sell them on the stock market or keep them. This scenario would allow us to expand and to maintain our headquarters in Montreal, all while remaining loyal to our principles of quality and innovation towards the future of nutrition.

Other information

Territories covered
British Columbia

Right(s) available
Dissolution Rights

Company stage
Is in the development stage
Never exercised any operating activities


Company description

The management company 9418-3282 Québec inc. which acts under the name of Veganwave Biotech is the company that oversees VeganWave Food ™ and STEP protocol ™ which, on the other hand, are in the marketing phase and have made income during the last financial year.

The management company holds the patents, the receipts, the trademarks, the strategic alliances and other intellectual properties and values. Administered by an experienced board and creative management, VeganWave Biotech inspires a breath of fresh air in the industry while relying on the expertise of solid renowned partners and employees and collaborators as qualified as passionate.

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