Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting

• BioSun specializes in the commercialization and development of evidence-based organic products for agriculture.


Objectives of the fundraiser

Use of Funds

Working capital

Description of fundraising

>  Product is ready to market.

>  Ongoing product testing and discussions with leading cannabis producers, as well as agriculture and horticulture companies.

>  Strategy to develop co-branding partnerships.

>  Production capacity secured to meet demand from potential clients.

Other information

Territories covered
British Columbia

Right(s) available
Dividends Rights
Voting Rights
Dissolution Rights

Company stage
Is in the development stage
Is currently operating activities


Company description

  • BioSun is focused on products that bring return on investment to farmers
  • BioSun is initially focused on large, growing markets, such as biopesticides, bio stimulants for agriculture
  • BioSun has an IP portfolio (patents, trade secrets and trademarks).
  • BioSun just ended its second year of field testing.
  • BioSun will start generating revenues in 2022.
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