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A Safe & Secure Marketplace where the prices are always Counting Down

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Objectifs de la levée de fonds

To grow the company towards the final step of an IPO.

Utilisation des fonds

The majority of funds raised are intended to finance a marketing plan to grow the company.

Description de la levée de fonds

On offer are Class B non-voting, participating shares at a cost of $0.20 each. Minimum investment will be $100 and the maximum per individual will be $2,500.

Autres informations

Territoire(s) visé(s)

Droit(s) offert(s)
Droits aux dividendes
Droits en cas de dissolution

Stade de l'entreprise
Exerce actuellement des activités d'exploitation


Description de la compagnie


Count-Down is quite unlike other online platforms. The primary differences being that:

1.   All Buyers and Sellers are verified.

2.   Commissions are the industry lowest.

3.   Money is handled by CDM’s $ecure-$ale ”escrow” system.

4.   When listing an item for sale, the Seller chooses how long the item will stay in the Showcase at full price before going on the Count-Down clock. When on the clock the price of the item for sale ticks down until someone hits   the MAKE IT MINE button. The Seller also chooses if they want a Reserve Price which would limit how low the price will go down if there is no Buyer for the item. Memberships can be personal or corporate and three different grades.


What is the $ecure-$ale process?

To reduce the risk and stress of Buying from, or Selling to, any individual or business, whether they are located near to you or in another country, Count-Down transactions are managed by our unique $ecure-$ale process. This is very similar to an escrow process.

$ecure-$ale works as follows: When an item sells, the Buyer’s money is instantly transferred by Count-Down into our $ecure-$ale trust account and a confirming message is sent to the Seller advising them to release or ship the item to the Buyer. When the item's receipt and satisfactory condition is confirmed to Count-Down by the Buyer, the money due to the Seller is released to them.



Count-Down Marketplace is a start up eCommerce company facilitating business to consumer and consumer to consumer sales through our unique web site that controls the flow of money in a secure "escrow" type process and also features a reducing variable price system that is entertaining for the buyer and seller alike. The users of Count-Down are members who have had their basic credentials verified in an effort to eliminate "bad actors". The net result of these three main beneficial features is the provision of a service that is completely new in today’s web based marketplace.


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